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For over 30 years helping to make Utah homes and gardens healthy and beautiful one ‘yard’ at a time.

Whether you are starting a new flower garden or growing your own fruits and vegetables, Replenish™ Landscape Garden Products is here to help make your gardening goals a reality. Beautiful gardens, lawns and landscapes all start with the foundation of quality, nutrient filled soil. Our composts and top soil blends have been carefully developed and formulated to improve and enhance the basic growing conditions found along the Wasatch Front.

All of our mulches, barks, and other products have been carefully selected to provide you, our customers, with the very best landscaping materials available in the Intermountain West.

We offer a wide variety of landscape materials including:

  • Composts
  • Topsoil and topsoil blends
  • Box Garden Mix (for vegetables)
  • Utelite and Utelite Garden Mix
  • Bark Products
  • Rock Products
  • Commercial grade Landscape fabric & Pins
  • And much more…….

Pride in Our Service to You

  • We provide a wide variety of quality top grade material which you can:
  • Pick up in our Murray yard (just off I- 15 and 4500 South).
  • Available in bag or bulk. We load your truck or trailer quickly, getting you on your way to your project.
  • We deliver throughout the Wasatch Front and beyond in bag; in bulk; or in 1 cubic yard ‘super-big bags’.
  • We can install any of our materials (except rock, sand) directly into your yard or garden with our blower truck service.
  • We take pride in providing quick, efficient and courteous service.

Our goal is to help you make your garden and yard work a successful, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Call us at (801) 262-5142 for any questions you might have or for a free quote.

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